Fiona Woolf Inquiry


Fiona Woolf Inquiry

Has the Nation Been Groomed?

All those who have been abused and are still alive are thought of as ‘survivors’. They were victims but now they are ready to seek and fight for justice.

Some perpetrators are still alive and some are dead. In order to prevent or reduce future crime, the links between living and dead abusers still need to be known. This may require court action or exposure through the Media.

The survivors are not organised into one group, but are often divided and argue with each other as to the best way to proceed – how to be effective in seeking that desired justice?

Now we are told by the Home Office that the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Fiona Woolf, will chair the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry (CSA) and that she will be given developed vetting clearance to see security, intelligence and military papers which may throw light on past organised abuse for personal sexually perverted reasons – or for reasons of national security – for example to film and then blackmail key paedophiles in positions of power or usefulness.

More details of the controversial appointment can be found here:

However, at present Fiona Woolf is out of the country on previously planned trips for much of 2014 and so no Terms of Reference of decisions on Scoping for the Inquiry have been published. Furthermore, survivors have been greatly alarmed at the close contact between Fiona Woolf and previous Home Secretary Leon Brittan who is said to have raped the witness ‘Jane’ and who has been verified in a verbal recording by a customs officer as appearing on a Child Sexual Abuse video.

Allegations about naked boys escaping into gardens or street, compromising ‘French Maid’ photos and that police money changed hands to suppress evidence of abuse following a raid on a particular house all need to be in scope. Conversely, accusations of the deliberate smearing of reputations for political purposes also need to be examined during the Inquiry as does the alleged ‘disciplinary conversation’ between Leon Brittan and William Hague which is featured on many internet websites as being ‘a defining moment’ in Brittan’s political career.

Only the police know if all this amounts to ‘sufficient evidence’ for referral to CPS – but the CSA Inquiry is different. It will have to look at these allegations. If it fails to bite the bullet there will be massive repercussions – claiming ‘Establishment cover-up’ and leading to constant mistrust.

Some of these allegations have been covered in great detail by the investigative journalists at Exaro. I’ve met them and hold them in the highest regard. Investigative journalism is one of the great checks and balances we have in our democracy. Without such journalists there would be no democracy. Corruption and criminal activity would go unreported.

Journalists are required to be sure of their sources but the CSA Inquiry can’t be so sure. It has to look at all aspects – factual truth and strong rumour. Its finding will hopefully distil fact from fiction.

Scoping the Nightmare

I thought that it would make sense for me to try and draft a CSA Inquiry scoping study with the agreement of survivors using this blog.  This scoping list would be publicly shown on the blog on a separate set of pages. It would not be a long list of the thousands of individuals cases so far discovered but would be a description of the range:

For example – Kincora – Elm Guest House – Rotherham – Deepcut, would be examples of the case names in the range – and Care Homes, Children’s Homes, Schools, Local authorities, Military Barracks – would be examples of the locational types relevant to the range.

We would then end up with a very detailed mapping of survivors’ concerns and this might be backed up by an extensive database already in existence owned by another organisation covering individual cases (already in excess of 30,000) which could be added into the Inquiry database if that organisation is willing.

The last part of my scoping study would be the failure classes: Social Services staff failures, police failures, church failures, GP reporting failures – deliberate conspiracy by MPs and Ministers – the many opportunities lost to halt or prevent the continuation of the high level of child sexual abuse in UK – and most recently the CEOP Toronto List IPCC/NCA Inquiry.

I hope survivors who read this blog will be content to support the idea – but if not – then I defer to you. However, I understand that this method was used on the Hillsborough Inquiry as a way of ensuring an overview of the many facts needed to scope the whole issue.

If you do like my idea you can post your own scoping ideas on the blog via the comments box which is closely moderated.

What examples can I give of the likely extent of the scope needed by the Fiona Woolf Inquiry? There are two examples set out below:

(1) Edward Heath – possibility

(2) What happened to Melanie Shaw – fact

Can we speak (ill or well) of the dead?

Back in 2012 ‘Hold The Front Page’ published this extract:

…Justice minister Jonathan Djanogly said it was a long-established legal principle that a deceased person could not be defamed because reputation was personal.

“Relatives of the deceased also have no right of action, unless the words used reflect on their own reputations,” he said.

“That reflects the central principle in civil proceedings generally, which is that a claim for damages can be brought only by the person who has suffered the injury, loss or, in this case, damage to his or her reputation as a result of the act or omission of another person.”

So – What about Heath?

I am not one to force my opinions on others. I don’t have any evidence that Edward Heath ever did anything to children on his yachts. I hope he did not. But others do claim – extensively and in very great detail that he did. Surely it would be sensible to ascertain if these stories are based on truth? Distressing for his relatives of course but nothing I am saying is aimed at reflecting on their own reputations.

Difficult and dangerous for police divers to search for DNA in the four lost editions of the yacht Morning Cloud – if they still exist.  (Although a police expert in detecting Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) told me recently that DNA had been found in an abuser’s room 20 years after the rape and used to prove criminality.)

The reason I am hoping the police will take up this investigation is because we need to get to understand if the nation has been groomed. Have we been lulled into a state of ignorant contentment that VIPs were somehow perfect and ‘above it all’ – the Establishment can do no wrong? If so it has been a terrible mistake to believe that power means innocence.

Mrs Thatcher seemed (on the face of it) not to be able to detect paedophiles. Some people say she did understand who was supporting her government but that she maybe thought: why kick colleagues in the teeth over a few children?  Governments can be tumbled by revelations. Love of Party over Truth, the whip system and the concept of honour amongst friends – all these bind people together to remain silent and to stop the mouths of waverers.

Yet following the huge display of democracy over Scottish Independence, we are to get more local power. It is vital checks and balances are set in place right from the start – MP recall, PCC recall, local councillor recall and so on. Otherwise we will end up with more Rotherhams.

The names of VIP abusers have been set out in many newspaper articles – for example this one which shows that Mrs Thatcher’s ministers were made aware of wrongdoing but little of it was then stopped:

Some people assert that Mrs Thatcher’s father abused children – was seen doing so in his shop.

This Independent newspaper article explains that her father was a ‘notorious toucher-up’ of young girls. Read the article to see how he used power to scare people. How he would ‘feel girls’ breasts’ and like Savile, ‘force his tongue into their mouths’.

So was Mrs Thatcher groomed? Was she compliant? Did he abuse her? Are these questions relevant to the history and climate of UK abuse? Yes – of course. Nowadays we don’t tolerate – but back then the level of tolerance was high. People were scared. Efforts were being made to make it lawful to have sex with children and younger and younger ages.

To me, that echo still remains. Why rock the boat over a few children?… is that what the survivors of abuse may think about the way government is so slow in setting up the CSA Inquiry?  Halting? Legally risky? Not yet sufficiently representative?

Edward Heath was different. A contemporary of Margaret Thatcher – but, so I am told by a very reliable source, they absolutely loathed each other. It is said that Heath in particular never forgave her for winning the leadership battle. I understand that at Tory conferences ‘he would never enter the same hall when she was there – he used to book in a luxurious hotel or stay at home at Salisbury when it was Bournemouth and invite people to dinner every evening so he could fulminate on where the Tory Party was going wrong’. (Private communication)

Legitimate questions need to be asked if we want to find out the truth. Statements which initially may seem scurrilous but on later consideration of the information I am going to set out on these pages – I would propose to you as not unreasonable.

Over the last year it has become increasingly evident from messages received by me face-to-face that several people had started to collect ‘evidence’ of Edward Heath’s alleged risky preferences not to mention the serial loss of yachts. London journalists were concerned. There had been a death on one yacht. People asked me – how can such a great sailor lose so many boats?

For example the report here:

You can openly read the totally unopposed statement on the web here:

“Edward Heath, Child Killer and Paedophile with Jimmy Savile in Jersey. ‘Michael Shrimpton, barrister and author of the book Spyhunter names Ted Heath, UK prime minister in the 1970s as a paedophile and child muderer(or at least an accessory).”

Is Shrimpton credible? His CV extract: ‘Michael Shrimpton is a barrister, called to the Bar in London 1983. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counterterrorism. He has wide ranging connections both in Western Intelligence agencies and amongst ex-Soviet Bloc agencies.’

You can read the alleged links between Haute De La Garenne Children’s Home (was Boy’s Home but girls sent there later (Jersey Inquiry statement) here:

It would be terrible if these allegations were true, but what matters most is that they can’t just be dismissed by the CSA Inquiry because they are too difficult for the State to contemplate. It is necessary and cathartic for the future health and life of the nation to stare awful things in the face because they show a true reflection of reality – whether we like it or not. We have to tend towards truth and not away from it.

The Mirror Scratched

The Etruscans would scratch the mirrors of the deceased and place the scratched mirrors in the tomb – because owners were no longer alive to see their own reflections – their faces were gone but their deeds remained. We cannot see Edward Heath – his mirror is scratched – but can we still see his misdeeds?

I now move on to my second ‘serious case’:

Melanie Shaw

To understand how dreadful the Melanie Shaw case seems to be – I have placed a short section of the UK Column article below here for you to read:


There is no doubt that Melanie Shaw has suffered horrific rapes, sexual abuse, sadistic physical assaults and psychological bullying whilst at Beechwood Children’s Home. Her bravery in coming forward as an abuse victim to alert authorities to widespread abuse and child deaths is remarkable. It also appears a remarkable coincidence that following her outspoken remarks that Nottinghamshire police were failing in their investigations under Operation Daybreak, that they had colluded with the Crown Prosecution Service in presenting falsified evidence and that they had failed to conduct proper forensic examination of the Beechwood site, Melanie was abruptly accused of arson and remanded in a prison with a brutal record, without evidence against her.

Nottinghamshire City Council and County Council deny any liability for abuses against Melanie and some 100 other child victims at Beechwood alone. They prefer to buy off victims with public money – some £250,000 to date, although it is understood that the Judge presiding over compensation awards for victims has now withdrawn until the police investigation is complete. Neither Council will answer simple questions concerning the implementation of a Serious Case Review following the Beechwood abuses, nor will they name those now holding responsibility for such reviews. Nor will they say what action they have taken to protect child abuse victims, particularly those made even more vulnerable by whistleblowing. Their silence is deafening.

Meanwhile Melanie Shaw sits in a hostile prison environment at HMP Peterborough, fearful for her personal safety and the Nottingham Councils have rushed to sell off Beechwood to a private buyer with whom they are working ‘in Association.’

End of extract

Yet if you go into the website of the Nottinghamshire Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner – and type in ‘Melanie Shaw’ you will get a nil return.

This is the second of the two examples to be included in the required scope for the Fiona Woolf Inquiry but course there will be many more to come.  If survivors are willing I hope we can end up with blog pages which could form the basis of the required scope for the Inquiry.

Then, if any of the scoping concepts are rejected, it will be up to survivors to consider if the Inquiry meets their needs – and if the UK has really faced up to its responsibilities.

For example – we don’t want to read a ruling by Fiona Woolf which states:

“I do understand public concerns of course – but I have decided to rule out anything to do with investigations into Kincora Boy’s Home.” for example (fill in your own wording in bold here).

We need a new approach to abuse protection for children, the elderly and everyone else.

Shining Beacon

My personal hope is that we can overturn this current appalling UK abuse record with its many failures of process and replace it with a shining beacon of child protection excellence, the envy of the world – because we will have finally learned how to do things properly for the sake of our children and their safe future.

kind regards and all the very best




6 Responses to Fiona Woolf Inquiry

  1. ctsfitness says:

    Thank you David

    Hopefully people will open their eyes to the extent of the abuse that has happened and is still happening our society. I fully support what you have set out to do.


    • davidbexhill says:

      Hi – thanks for your comment. I’m now ready to take the names and contact details of survivor support organisations that you find are competent enough to be included on the Association for Safeguarding website. Please email details direct to me when ready.


  2. Dot says:

    Very good, well written article.
    I will raise one glaring discrepancy however with regards to Elm Guest House and the ex minister and it is this.
    I’ve no idea where the internet gossip originated from which claims that he was seen naked outside during the raid but believe that to be pure rubbish and nothing more than wishful thinking on the originator’s part.
    Why? Well, if there was a tip off in advance of the raid that the raid was to take place why on earth would a minister have been present in that case?
    Obviously one of those two versions is incorrect. Both cannot be, and there is the possibility too that neither version is correct.


    • davidbexhill says:

      Dot this was helpful thank you. The main aim of that part of the blog was to assert that all rumours and allegations should at least be in scope at the start of the Inquiry until their veracity has been filtered – since this is an Inquiry into Truth rather than police or CPS work. However, having attempted to resolve the key point you make about ‘naked in garden’ etc, I find that it is likely that confusion arose within a series of Internet articles. They seem to have originated following the assertion that a young boy was paid off by police after running into street naked and that a raid on a particular house followed.
      I have now amended that section of the blog to make it clear that these are allegations for the Inquiry – not police evidence.


  3. DocRichard says:

    Great post, David, thank you. I back the idea of a scoping study, where witnesses can enter their knowledge of places and events. They could even enter names, maybe, but the names would be visible only to the moderator, not published.


    • davidbexhill says:

      Richard, thank you too. I would be wary of people posting names of alleged abusers here because I would obviously have to give them to the police immediately. It would be better if the evidence or allegations were given straight to police in any case by those who have been abused.
      What I am aiming at is a page – which I’m working on right now – of the case names, locational types and failure classes where child or adult abuse has been involved. It would be good if people looked at the page when it is published this week and then made comments to help me build the page to a significant set of data from which themes to improve child and adult protection could be derived. Have a look out for the page and tell me what you think. Thanks again.


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