No Stone Unturned


On a BBC video clip UK prime Minister David Cameron promises that ‘no stone will be unturned’ in the effort to uncover the truth behind so many cases of child and adult sexual abuse, document shredding, intelligence operations, and VIP perversion.

However, the status quo is far from hyperactive:

The CSA Inquiry needs to have the widest scope if we are to understand how the nation has been groomed.

Some central outcomes for understanding are to be expected – for example:

Understanding why senior politicians prefer to protect party reputations rather than investigate/prevent child abuse?

Understand why police feel so powerless that in many cases they have ‘rolled over’ and show unseemly obeisance when faced with VIP/politicians determined to cover up abuse and murder.

Understand if the failure to give intensive pre-appointment developed vetting to all MPs and ministers has led to creeping perversion of the establishment and paedophiles seek power.

Understand how new systems for the preservation of abuse records can prevent destruction of records.

Understand how witnesses to abuse can be better protected.

Understand how child evidence can be recorded to prevent children having to face abusers in court.

Understand how to develop a well-funded centralised survivor support organisation.

Understand how to make a cenotaph of shame – a national memorial to all the children who have been murdered during abuse.

Understand if and why poor and collusive oversight of the intelligence services has permitted wild card factions to devise operations which breach human rights.

Understand if the intelligence services get a legal ‘sign-off’ when devising perversion operations to trap overseas VIPs into giving foreign intelligence to UK government.

Understand why children in Children’s Homes can become easy prey to the collusive net of paedophilia.

Understand why social services serious case reviews which contain the statement ‘Lessons must be learned’ do not lead to anything of the sort.

Understand how local authorities become aware of massive child abuse in their local areas and yet do nothing about it.

Understand how the criminal law can be changed to ensure that the diagnosis of dementia is not used to permit paedophiles and abusers to escape justice.

Understand how much of tax payers’ money is given to corrupt officials to gag them or obtain agreement from them to ‘retire’.

Understand why there is no effective national mandatory reporting system.

Understand why money, staffing and support are not ring-fenced to ensure an effective high quality national safeguarding system.

Understand why politicians advocate the qualities of UK democracy to overseas nations and at the same time suppress witness testimony about the true state of child abuse.

Turning the Stones

Readers may care to consider this developing but non-exhaustive list of stones that need turning in the CSA Inquiry headed by Fiona Woolf. It forms the basis of a research or reading list for safeguarding officers and others from which themes for improvement in child and adult protection can be derived. It clearly reveals that both from high and low vantage points the vultures prey on us and our children.

We need a complete national rethink on safeguarding.

(1) Kincora Boys Home’_Home

(2) North Wales Child Abuse Scandal (Bryn Estyn/Operation Pallial)

(3) Jersey Abuse Inquiry (Haute De La Garenne, Grouville Girls’ Home and other locations)

(4) Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Scandal

(5) Jimmy Savile

(6) BBC Sexual Abuse

(7) Leon Brittan

(8) Sir Peter Morrison

(9) Lord Janner,_Baron_Janner_of_Braunstone

(10) Operation Fernbridge & Sidney Cooke

(11) Elm Guest House

 (article under construction – to be continued)



Director of Information

Association for Safeguarding



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