Overview – What are Serious Cases?

The blog is being used as a vehicle to increase knowledge. I will be looking at safeguarding issues, intelligence & security aspects, police, social care information and anything that relates to humanity, human rights and better protection for children and adults.

Tall order!  Do my best.


2 Responses to Overview – What are Serious Cases?

  1. mrjnh says:

    Dear David,

    I find your blog to be excellently reasoned, argued and exactly of the moral character so needed in this country.

    I do wish to add something meaningful to the discussion of Childhood Sex Abuse myself, and am in regular contact with a number of folk about these very things, including my own MP, Kerry McCarthy. On Tuesday 30th Sep, I will be attending a meeting of the Southmead Project in Bristol’s Colston Hall; where Ian Mcfadyen is speaking, and where there will a debate held into Safeguarding victims/survivors of abuse. I hope to have one question tabled during that debate.

    It may be that the time will come, when I will blow the whistle on a corrupt organisation of which I have personal knowledge. It’s a very difficult situation presently, but I hope that obstacles to my doing so will be overcome.

    On one final note, coud I ask you what internet security may need to be considered with your work here? I only ask in the case of sensitive information being held by the website, specifically discussing survivors; as if it becomes a resource for holding the government to account, and rightly so, then it’s almost certain that vicious abusers may try to exploit any of that, to target vulnerable people again. Hope it’s okay to mention this.

    Many thanks & regards


  2. davidbexhill says:

    Hi – thank you for your kind words. To make it clear – there will not be any overt or confidential ‘names’ of survivors/victims set out on this blog – only the main themes that should be in scope for the Inquiry (see comments under my Fiona Woolf post).
    All matters/allegations/evidence concerning specific cases of child or adult abuse should be passed to police. However, if anyone feels that investigative journalism could help them – then contact Exaro in confidence: http://www.exaronews.com/
    Once again thanks for your comment.

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